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Our average problem resolution time (from when you contact us to
when the problem is solved) is currently less than ten minutes!

Some members of the VMS US support group with Daniel McDonnell, VP Developmant & CTO Our standard support provides both phone and e-mail support to your designated e-mail administrator. We also offer additional support services such as e-mail administration and end user support. Contact us to quote or discuss your requirements.

Virtual Mail Servers - Secure IMAP Setup Instructions
VMS Functions & Features :
Outlook Express:
Outlook 2003:
Outlook 2007:
Outlook 2010:
Move IMAP mail folders on Webmail to Outlook:
Sync for Outlook:
Moves contacts etc, onto server.
Sync for Blackberry:
Sync for Blackberry
iPhone, iPad & iPod:
Apple: (IMAP SSL)
MacMail Leopard
Special Folders:
The new secure virtual mail servers use the following "special function" folders. Please note that the folders are case sensitive. If you have a folder called spam, you will end up with two folders, Spam, and spam. spam will be your old spam folder and Spam will be you current spam folder. We recommend you simply copy the contents of the old folders into the new ones and delete the old folders. You should also check that your local mail program (iPhone, Outlook) are configured to use the correct folders.
Inbox - Your new mail
Drafts - E-Mails you have drafted and not sent yet.
Spam - E-Mails the server believes are spam.
Drafts - E-Mails you have drafted and not sent yet.
Using Secure Webmail:
Login page: Please bookmark the login page.
Use your Email Address: and password to log in.
Webmail Users Guide: Webmail_Users_Guide.pdf
Much more information available from the top right Help link in your Webmail account.
Display mixed content :
As you are now using a secure web mail system we recommend you enable "Display mixed content" so as you don't get an error when viewing images from unsecured servers.

The change you settings in Internet Explorer do the following:
1.Going to Tools->Internet Options->Security
2.Select the 'Security' tab
3.Click the 'Custom Level' button
4.In the 'Miscellaneous' section change "Display mixed content" to Enable

I believe the default in Firefox allows you to view mixed content with no warning.
Tools -> Security -> Settings -> Uncheck "I am about to view some pages that contain some unencrypted information"

Moving address book contacts from previous e-mail clients:
If you have an address book stored in the old Virtual Mail Server do the following:
Log into your old account at:
Select "address book"
Select "Export contacts" (top far right link).
Save the csv file on your desktop.
If you have any other email client, follow its instructions to export your contact list to a csv or Excel file.
Importing to new systems:
Log into your new account at:
Select "Contacts" (top of screen, second link)
Select "Import/Export contacts"
Select the Choose File button under "Import Contacts"
Follow the on-screen directions to import your contacts.
Access for you company email support/administrator to update accounts.
FYI: Due to the "large scale technology" in use, it can take up to 10 minutes for an account to be created and go live. This is because the account has to be provisioned across multiple servers and drive arrays. Please try and login to "kick start" the process. The search function within the (imported only) e-mail account can take 30 minutes+ as the account has to be indexed when it goes live for the first time.
Server Addresses & Ports:
   Type  Name                         Port
   POP3   110
   IMAP  143
   SMTP  25

   POP3         995
   IMAP         993
   SMTP         465
MX Records:

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