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24x7 Backup, SPAM & Virus Protection

World Wide
Service & Support

E-Mail Campaign Management Systems
Promotions, Newsletters, Announcements, Product Updates, Fundraising.....

  • Easy To Use
    • Supports Formatted E-mails With Graphics (WYSIWYG)
    • Cut & Paste: Text & Graphics
    • Server Side Documents & Graphics
    • Sterilite's E-Mail Campaign Management System
    • Save & Reuse Previous E-Mails

  • Private Label
    • Your Company, Brand, Logo
    • No advertizments for mail services in your messages
    • Your logos only so no diluting your brand/message

  • Mange Multiple Lists
    • Event, Institution, Job Type, Donor
    • Search, Update, Edit Merge
    • Create & Save Lists

  • Multiple Lead / Contact Sources
    • Import Multiple Lists: Excel, Text, CSV .....
    • Capture From Web Forms & E-Mails

  • Many Functions Available:
    • Template Development
    • Easy Unsubscribe Link
    • Update Profile, RSVP, Payments & Other Links
    • Blind/Disposable/Temporary E-Mail Addresses
    • CAN-SPAM Compliant & Automatic List Cleaning
    • SPAM Filter Friendly

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