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The following are some of our customers along with their primary reasons for selecting a Virtual Mail Server. Our clients range from small, localized companies with a few e-mail accounts, to large multinationals.

First-Call Medical, Inc. is a cardiac scanning laboratory that offers the finest diagnostic equipment to assist physicians in the assessment and treatment of the cardiac patient. The diagnostic services are offered nationwide by employing the latest monitoring and reporting technologies via telephone and on-line correspondence. The First-Call Medical virtual mail server provides secure mail for both internal and external employees. The reason for selecting a Virtual Mail Server:
  • Security & HIPAA
  • Support for remote accounts
  • Deployment and run time cost

Nu-Link (India) Pvt. Ltd. A software company based in India, they specialize in software development and international consulting. TactiCom’s Virtual mail server provides e-mail to all employees world wide (America & Asia) as well as a feed to their internal Microsoft Exchange server at their corporate head quarters in Pune, India. The reason for selecting a Virtual Mail Server:
  • Support for multiple clients and servers at different locations within the same domains
  • Support for different clients (Outlook, Eudora, Web...) & feed to internal mail servers
  • High peering, bandwidth, remote Server backup and network redundancy

Bowditch & Dewey Attorneys With clients in 33 states and several countries, Bowditch & Dewey is a Law firm of broad perspective and uncommon versatility.
Bowditch & Dewey selected TactiCom’s Virtual Mail service to provide backup mail service and a mail feed to it’s internal Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Backup, High peering, bandwidth and network redundancy
  • 24x7 monitoring and service up time
  • Configuration flexibility

Montachusett (Massachusetts) Regional Transit Authority. The Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) was created in August 1978, under MA General Laws Chapter 161B. MART has a membership of 18 communities and provides transportation for the Department of Mental Retardation, Division of Medical Assistance, Early Intervention Program, Special Education Transportation and Welfare to Work/Access to Jobs.
Their Virtual Mail Server provides e-mail accounts for all of their facilities. They read mail using both PDAs and MS Outlook. The main reasons for selecting our Virtual Mail Servers were:
  • TactiCom maintained server SPAM filters and the ability to create SPAM filters by domain
  • HIPAA, security, anti-virus and anti-relay functions
  • High-end server and account features with intuitive administration

Donnegan Systems, Inc. founded in 1976, help their clients to organize, store and retrieve their vital business records using one, or a combination of methods. Examples of those methods are paper based filing systems, microfilmed record systems, and electronic or scanned image systems.
Donnegan replaced an internal mail and proxy server with a Virtual Mail Server from TactiCom. The Donnegan virtual mail server provides e-mail to multiple offices as well as to employees traveling and working from home. Both MS Outlook and the Virtual Mail Server web client are used to send and receive e-mail. Donnegan Systems, the largest supplier of document management equipment in the USA, has a HIPAA requirement as it has several clients in the medical industry.
  • Securely access e-mail from any Internet connection (Supports multiple offices)
  • HIPAA compliant Secure e-mail and server to server communication
  • Ease of administration with less points of failure and no system maintenance required

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